Friday, April 03, 2009


Just a short post since I'm too busy marking the pupil's exam paper and preparing for my kids' English Carnival for Pekan Nenas Zone Level. Well, we got number one for both story-telling level 1 and level 2 and number two for Public Speaking. Now I'm training my Spelling Bee team and since we're still new in this, an exposure for the kids are good enough. District Level, here we come!!!

During the exam, a conversation with my pupil is still making me laugh and smile. A pupil was absent the whole week so I asked her, more or less like this;

Me: Yasmin, Dian dah lama tak datang, dia pergi mana?
Pupil: Dia sakit, teacher.
Me: Sakit apa?
Pupil: Sakit 'CHICKEN CHOP'
Me: Awak ni biar betul, sakit lepas makan Chicken Chop?
Pupil: Ala... yang sakit banyak bintik merah tu... (sambil menggaru kepala)
Me: ROFLMAO - Chicken POX lah!

Kids, you just got to love them.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Song Tag

Ni dah pernah buat tapi just to fill in my time :D
Tag dari Bangbil

Truth - Arashi
"I take your life forever, you take my life" wahahahahaha

What Goes Around Comes Around - Justin Timberlake

When I Grow Up - PCD
Wahahahahaha, pape aje

Hoshi Wo Mezashite - NewS
"Hoshi wo mezashite, Kimi ni michibikare" = Aim for the stars! I want you to lead me to there

Just Stand Up! - Artist Stand Up For Cancer
"Don't give up, Through it all, just stand up!"

Leave out all the rest - Linkin Park
hahaha, kena sungguh

Just Dance - Lady Gaga
Half psychotic, sick, hypnotic *Cringe*

We Can Make It - Arashi
Hik hik hik

Flavour of Life - Utada Hikaru
Boleh la tu.. jugak

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Love Story - Taylor Swift
Err... ape kerelevannannye ntah

Shadow of the Day - Linkin Park

Rehab - Rihanna feat. Justin Timberlake
"It's like I checked into rehab" *LMAO

Us Against The World - Christina Millian
Hik hik hik

You Found Me - The Fray
Hik hik, cornynye

Siape nak tagye...
Since Mr Hubby dah kena tag dengan Bangbil so kena tag orang lain
  1. Sue
  2. Irra
  3. Anem
  4. Intan
  5. Along
Enjoy your weekend everyone :D

It's gonna be a long weekend!!!

First and foremost, I wish for the best for my niece (my cousin's daughter), Kisha's heart operation that was done today. We need new generation who can become Aunty Dayah's back-up in the future, hehehe. She's a joyful and mighty flexible, 1 year old who I love to see rubbing her face with her stockinged feet. Pray for her, everyone.

Other than that, I've just finished my course at Naza Hotel on the buddy support. The hotel is good and one thing that I'm sure my dearest hubby heard already - I totally love the big shower head!!! Hehehe. I got a room facing The Zone and Selat Tebrau and well of course, I had to share it with my GPK. Sighs, I dunno why but since Kak Rubi handed the reign of KP to me this year, there's so many courses to attend and I have to go places. Well that's the job's 'perks' I guess.

It's gonna be a long weekend. Hubby's gotta work, and few more days to go before we get to meet again. Nothing much planned out for the weekend since I'm pretty much saving for the holiday. Where am I going? Well gotta wait and see, hehe. But still, I managed to get new ebooks online. No harm in buying books :D

Well I'm ranting and writing without any clear reason other than just for the sake of writing something. Anyway, I start to follow this season's of American Idol. My personal favourite - Allison, Danny and......... *drumroll* Anoop!!!! Thank goodness there's a final 13 or I would bawl seeing Anoop not getting a seat in final 12.

I'm drowsy and I'm writing nothing. Goodnight everyone and have a very good weekend.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Ho hum

I've left my blog for like... months? If it's a closet, I'm very sure that it is piled up with cobwebs, hehe. So actually nothing new with yours truly. School a.k.a work is fine, my hubby's fine ^_^ I'm fine, only that my nose is not.

I've been going back and forth to the Ontoro... Ontorinolaringology (dunno if I spelled that right since scientific terms boggles my head) short for ear,nose and throat department at HSA as I said in my previous post. Guess what? from being diagnosed with 'Acute Left Maxillary Sinusitis', I've been upgraded to 'Chronic Left Maxillary Sinusitis' (snickers) because there was no change at all from my first check. My last check, I became the living sample for medical students who were 'lucky' to see a case of good right nostril and bad left nostril. That was where the feeling of seeing a medical drama featuring interns real-life (sounds familliar?) only that there were no doctors to represent McDreamy and McSteamy, hahaha.

So I'm scheduled for a CT scan and medical review in April - yeah, that long since I went to the government hospital instead of a private one. Looking at the X-ray application form does freak me out. Tell me what "Plan for OP Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery", and having the head department become your doctor since the second visit, makes you feel? Having a flu now even make things worse and the scope checks... easy to say that I've never not cry everytime they inserted the scope in my nose to check the sinus.

It's rainy season now. Pupils did not miss their chance to play slide along the school corridor because of the rain puddle despite the warning from teachers. Nor did they managed to go to school with their shoes, only their flip flops because of the wet weather. Reminded me of a huge boy in year one who reminded us of a tortoise. He likes to play with his friends only that when he fell on his back - which is a lot - he never managed so far to get himself upright again without help from friend who are much smaller than him and the teachers. Poor kid.

It's Sunday noon now. Glad that Arashi's Believe PV is finally out. I need a song to get my mojo up, hehe.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Let's Read the Quran

I blog hopped from Sue's blog to Marina M's blog and I found this. Something really good. Just read and follow through.

This is taken from Marina M's blog.


We need your participation!

Campaign name: Let’s Read The Quran

On January 1st 2009, four friends Syed, Walski, Marina and Anas got together at Coffee-Bean Bangsar Village and decided to launch a campaign to encourage people to read and understand the Quran better.

This campaign is not only for Muslims, but also for our brothers and sisters who are Christians, Buddhists Hindus, Sikhs and those who believe in a God-Head but not so gung-ho about being in any brand of religion, too – come join us and share your ideas! You can join this campaign even if you are an atheist!

The goal of this campaign is to encourage people to read the Quran in the language they understand most and find in it areas of common values in our day-to-day living.

What is the Campaign all about?

Read the Quran in the language that you are familiar with.

When will the campaign start and end?

January 15th to February 14th (Happy Valentine’s Day!)


Participating blogs in the blogosphere.


So more people know what the Quran says and what the Quran does not say and to match it to what is really said in our daily lives.


Everyone who wants to – the more the merrier! If you have a Blog, Facebook, etc carry the logo/icon.


- To join the campaign, place the accompanying logo/icon at your blog.
- Write or share short articles based on the Quranic text.
- Share what you find in the Quran with family and friends.
- Ask questions about the Quranic message
- Read the Quran – eg click here or

Peace and Thanks,

Marina Mahathir, Rantings by MM,
Syed Akbar Ali, OutSyed the Box,
Walski, myAsylum,
Anas Zubedy ,

Sunday, January 18, 2009


After going through 6 school days, today seemed mundane and way too draggy. Other than the fact that my dearest went back to his house yesterday (boohoo) and my abah away to Muar the house is way too quiet, other than the sound of my cats meowing for mealtime. Read my favourite parts in Acheron and all of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga and preparing test paper for the upcoming test. Not forgetting that I was watching Johnny's countdown 2009 on youtube. Arashi was hosting - they're now 10!!! I'm so loving the medley

Yazer, a friend of mine from the teacher training college dropped by to invite my family and I to his wedding reception this 26th January. The reception at his wife's house clashed with my reception at hubby's place so we couldn't show up. Good news, his wife, Ina who was also my next door neighbour in college is 4 months pregnant. Congratulations!!!

Oh yeah, as of 14th of January, I'm an aunt!! Not that I'm not already an aunt - thanks to my cousins (and yes, even grand-aunt) this time, I'm an aunt because my sister in-law just gave birth to a beautiful daughter.

14th of January, not that hard of a birth date to remember since I could list some people I know & knew who was born on that same date
  1. Yan, my schoolmate since primary school
  2. Odah, my seatmate in secondary school
  3. Miza, my classmate during the degree years
  4. Raziq, my classmate in year 6 who passed away when he was 12 due to Leukemia.
See, not an easy date to forget.

Tomorrow, I have to drive up to see the ENT specialist in Hospital Sultanah Aminah (that's ear, nose and throat) for a follow up appointment for my sinusitis. Sighs. Just last month I had to go through too many x-ray sessions. A chect X-ray for my confirmation medical check up, 2 x-rays for my dental (twice because they did not manage to get the right tooth area the first time) and 3 for my skeletal views since they want to see how bad my sinusitis is. Bad I guess since the x-ray more or less looks like the one you can see in wikipedia. So if you're allergic to dust, be warned. You may not see it now but just watch out as time goes.

Well anyway, good thing is the Chinese New Year holiday is just few days away and I'm off to see my dearest again!!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Ever seen the movie 'There's Something About Mary'?
To be specific, the part when Ben Stiller's character managed to get his thingy stuck between the zipper since he was too busy looking at Mary while doing his business? Youch!

Well, same thing happened, only that the circumstance changed.

A year 6 boy was circumcised during last year's school holiday. Maybe he was playing rough with his friends or he was in such a hurry that he managed to... well get his thingy stuck to his zipper. Accompanied by his two smiling friends who were not at least sympathetic, his face was covered with tears and of course at that time, we, female teachers went berserk looking for male teachers to aid him. Of course, there are things that female teachers can't simply do.

The on-duty teacher was, thank goodness a male, so he sent the boy back to his house with the boy bawling his head off.

That happened last week. The boy is still absent from school.

Moral of the story: Parents, train your kid to wear their undies since young. It's important.

Saturday, January 03, 2009

Happy New Year

I haven't been blogging for weeks.

It's the new year and unfortunately for me, I ushered it with a bad case of sinusitis. Thank goodness for my trusty creamer pot that I made into my neti pot, my health is improving - many thanks to Oprah and Dr Oz for introducing me that method months ago.

So anyway, school is going to open in less than a couple of days and I've been going to school non stop for the clean up and transition program for year 1 pupils. Hubby's back since he got to work on new year, huhuhu, and today I'm at my uncle's house for a visit.

On my way here, horror descended.

Just after Pekan Nenas, there was a slow traffic. I saw a trailer that was carrying cooking gas blocking the road. I hate driving behind any lorry or trailer with load full of cooking gas. I watched too many movies and I have an over active imagination, that's why.

So I thought, okay a trailer went off the road, big deal, no problem. The police and fire brigade were busy clearing the gas tanks and controlling the traffic. As I was passing the trailer, I saw bits and pieces of glass and... other vehicle? on the road. What kind? I can't see any other vehicle there.

I was wrong.

Right after the trailer, there it was.

A mangled black car that looked like a Citra.

With a dead man still in it. His head was leaning through the window, the engine was crushed and only the roof at the passenger's side remained. The head was bloodied and I thanked Allah for only able to see the back of his head.

I knew he was dead because no one was hovering over the car or do anything to revive him.


Drive safe. Love your life, love your family.